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The Grand Canyon

90-Minute Drive from Flagstaff

Guided Tours:

Discover the Grand Canyon

  • Mather Point Overlook
    See the Grand Canyon in its full glory and a wonderful place for pictures. (

  • Visitor Center
    Located at Mather Point, it’s a great place to ask questions and plan your next stops. (Tripadvisor)


  • Bright Angel Trail
    Take a beautiful 30 minute to an hour hike into the Canyon. (We do not recommend hiking too far if you do not plan properly and don’t have experience.)  (Tripadvisor)

  • "Ooh Ahh Point"
    A moderate 1.7-mile hike starting at South Kaibab Trail leads to a spectacular viewpoint. (Tripadvisor)

  • Bike Rental
    Rent a cruiser or road bike and ride Grand Canyon’s beautiful rim side bike trails away from the crowds! (Website)


Screen Shot 2021-04-21 at 1.32.58 PM.png




45-Minute Drive from Flagstaff

Guided Tours:

Journey to Sedona

  • Airport Road Overlook
    Lookout point with views of the town & rugged red sandstone hills that are illuminated at sunset.(Tripadvisor)

  • Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village
    A Sedona landmark since the 1970's, Tlaquepaque treats visitors and local residents to an exceptional collection of shops and galleries. (Web) (Tripadvisor)

  • Sedona Main Street
    Home to Sedona's famous
    shops and galleries. (Tripadvisor)

  • West Fork Oak Creek Trail
    6.9-mile trail that follows a creek at the bottom of a 1,000-foot canyon. 
    (10251 N State Rte 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336) (Tripadvisor)

  • Devil's Bridge Trail
    4.3-mile easy hiking trail with beautiful red rock scenery and the chance to have your photo taken on top of Devils Bridge.(Tripadvisor)


  • Additional Hikes
    Boynton Canyon Trail, Bell Rock Pathway, Airport Mesa Trail, The Birthing Cave, Soldiers Pass, and Red Rock Crossing


Image by Tom Gainor



Page & Lake Powel

2-Hour Drive from Flagstaff

Guided Tours:

Explore Page & Lake Powell

  • Antelope Canyon
    Few geological formations are as picturesque and awe-inspiring as Antelope Canyon. (Tripadvisor)
    All areas of Antelope Canyon are only accessible via Guided Tour. Tour Guides are mandatory. Click Here for tour options.

  • Horseshoe Bend
    A horseshoe-shaped overlook with one of the most spectacular views of the Colorado River. (Tripadvisor)

  • Colorado River Rafting
    Enjoy a rafting trip on the Colorado River with a certified tour guide. (Tour option one)  (Tour option two)

  • Lake Powell Boat Tour
    There's no better way to see Lake Powell than aboard a guided boat tour. Click Here to view tour options.

  • Motor Boat Rental Lake Powell
    Explore Lake Powell on the water in your very own powerboat rental. Click Here to view rental options.




Explore Northern Arizona

For a shorter day trip during Chol Hamoed, consider visiting one of the below cities in Northern Arizona:


  • Lava River Cave
    This mile-long lava cave was formed roughly 700,000 years ago by molten rock that erupted from a volcanic vent. (Tripadvisor)


  • Walnut Canyon National Monument
    See millions of years of history unraveled in the geology of the rocks at this popular scenic and historic hiking area. (Tripadvisor)


  • Sunset Crater National Monument 
    A crater was created by a volcanic eruption 900 years ago. (Tripadvisor)

  • Flagstaff Extreme
    Arizona’s only adventure & zip line course, offering treetop obstacle courses for kids & adults.(Website)  (Tripadvisor)

  • Arizona Snowbowl
    Arizona's premier ski & snowboard destination. Enjoy the scenic gondola ride for an aerial view from the top of the San Francisco Peaks  (Website) (Tripadvisor)

  • Lowell Observatory
    An astronomical observatory in Flagstaff. Best known for the discovery of Pluto. (Website) (Tripadvisor)

  • Indoor Activities:

    • ​Starlight Lanes Bowling Alley (Website)

    • Flag Tag Laser Tag & Axe Throwing (Website)


Camp Verde:

55 Minute Drive from Flagstaff

  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park
    A drive-through wildlife park and zoo. (Website) (Tripadvisor)

30 Minute Drive from Flagstaff

  • Bearizona Wildlife Park
    Wildlife park offering a drive-thru experience starring wolves, bears, bison, mountain goats & more. (Website) (Tripadvisor)

  • The Deer Farm
    Large petting zoo with chances to feed fallow deer, also home to cockatoos, wallabies & llamas. (Website) (Tripadvisor)

  • Route 66 Zipline
    Zipline riders in seats instead of harnesses fly over a quaint town on the historic Route 66. (Website) (Tripadvisor)

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