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Important Notice Regarding Sukkah Availability

There will not be public availability for the Sukkah Plaza at the Molly Blank Jewish Community Center this Sukkos.

At Chabad of Flagstaff & the Kosher Canyon, we always aim to be as accommodating as possible to visitors in our area. However, this year, we are faced with unexpected challenges due to the increasing demand for our Sukkah. Currently, we are committed to hosting a Sukkos program at our Chabad House and catering to the needs of our local community.

As the Sukkos program gains momentum, it has become evident that accommodating additional guests in our Sukkah would pose significant challenges. Please know that this decision was made after careful consideration, and we genuinely wish there were an alternative solution we could provide.

We kindly request your understanding in this matter and encourage you to explore alternative arrangements for securing a Sukkah for your family during your stay in Flagstaff. We understand that this news may be disappointing, and we sincerely apologize for our inability to offer further assistance.

Please be aware that we have exhausted all available options in this matter, and further discussion will not change the circumstances. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist with the arrangements or setup of a private Sukkah for your family.

We wish you a wonderful Sukkos and look forward to the opportunity to welcome you in the future when circumstances permit.

Warm regards,

The Kosher Canyon Team

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